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Weekly Arena Win Boost

Here you can buy 1 Weekly Arena Win done by our team at your current rating. Quality of your weekly PvP reward depends on the highest arena rating you played at during the week so it makes sense doing 1 win at the highest current rating, then finishing the rest of the cap anywhere else. If you don't have the rating yet but still want these powerful items, feel free to consider our Arena Rating Boost service.

PvP gear no longer has stats like Resilience which are useless in PvE encounters so it's pretty good in dungeons and raids due to its high item level.

Why us

  • 100% positive customer feedback on independent websites.
  • We are selling boosting services since 2015.
  • Friendly and responsive customer support.


  • You can choose either 1 win or full Weekly PvP Cap (500 Conquest Points) completed at your current arena rating.
  • Please note that in case of 1 win you will have to obtain the remaining Conquest Points on your oww, othwerwise you won't be able to open the weekly PvP chest!
  • You will get 1 guaranteed item from the weekly PvP chest and probably a few more items as reward for winning arena matches.
  • Item level of rewards depends on your current arena rating and is summarized in the table below.
  • Rating End of match ilvl Weekly item ilvl
    0-1399 430 445
    1400-1599 440 455
    1600-1799 450 460
    1800-2099 455 465
    2100-2399 460 470
    2400+ 465 476

Delivery time

Usually we can start the same day you have placed the order.


  • You can play yourself if you reached the current rating as a result of a selfplay boost or by playing with random teammates or your friends. Otherwise account sharing is required.
  • Average item level of 450+ is required to play at 1600+ rating and higher.