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Artifact Weapon PvP Appearance

Each class has a unique Artifact Weapon appearance awarded for Prestige Ranking system.

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  • War-torn Artifact appearance
  • All Honor Talents which will make your character fully competitive in PvP
  • One of the these pets: Alliance Enthusiast or Horde Fanatic
  • Vicious Saddle mount as well as Fearless Combatant achievement. The achivement will not obtainable after the end of the PvP season
  • Achievements: Top Honors and The Prestige
  • Many pieces of Fearless Gladiator's Gear - the most powerful PvP gear in the game (ilvl 855-895)
  • Up to 6,000,000 Artifact Power (calculated at knowledge level 20) and epic 855-880 relics
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      This service takes 6-7 days

      Requirements & Details

      • Level 110 character
      • Account sharing
      • All necessary safety precautions such as VPN of your country are taken to avoid any sanctions

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